Advertising Ideas

The first objective of a company is to make a profit, a profit. To achieve this objective, the company has several means at its disposal, including making itself known. A company, even a successful one, needs to be visible to make its investment profitable. Business leaders are most often confronted with the problem of marketing and communication. There are several marketing and communication solutions available to companies. Advertising is one of the marketing ideas that a company can use to be more visible in its field of activity. With the development of new technologies and the Internet, advertising strategies have diversified. These strategies allow the company to be more visible. Through the lines of this article, discover ten ways of advertising to promote your company?

The use of traditional media

Since the beginning, traditional media such as newspapers, television and radio have been the primary means used by the company to make itself known. These advertising media have proven their effectiveness. However, they are not sustainable and are very expensive. They must therefore be used for a limited time to be effective and have benefits for the company. This means is therefore intended for companies with a large advertising budget.

The creation of websites

Today, with the Internet, it is rare to see a company that does not have a Web platform. The creation remains an essential act for the visibility of the company. It has a double advantage. It allows:

To have a visibility that goes beyond borders;

Take advantage of the bargains available in Web marketing.

To successfully create a website, you need the skills of a professional.

The design must take into account certain criteria to be profitable and attract potential customers to your products or services. It is about:

Fluid navigation;
The presentation of the website;
The graphics of the site;
Content that must be of high quality.

However, it is important not to forget the creation of a mobile version of the website. This creation is done through a responsive site or mobile site. Indeed, the world of smartphones has made considerable progress and it is to the company’s advantage to have a mobile version of its website. This option allows you to reach a larger number of potential customers. To be profitable, the website created must be referenced.

Website referencing

The creation of the website is an excellent way to advertise. It is also interesting to be referenced on different search engines such as Google, etc. Indeed, natural referencing or SEO is a method of optimizing your company’s website that allows you to have the best positions in the first results of search engines. This option has proven its effectiveness in that it reaches the greatest number of undecided people. It is especially interesting when you don’t have a large budget. SEO is most often based on the quality of the content of your website and a certain amount of keyword manipulation. A good quality content and made on a regular basis allows you to advance your SEO. To ensure the successful referencing of your website, it is advisable to call upon the professionals who will be able to provide you with the appropriate solutions.

Increase your presence on social networks

Social networks are a great universe where the company can make itself known. With the proliferation of social networks, the creation of a website is no longer enough for a company to make itself known. It is therefore necessary to create pages on social networks such as Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Presence on social networks remains a way for the company to stay in touch with customers and reach other targets who may be interested in its activities. Use a professional who can integrate the interesting links from your website into the social media page where you are present. This method is practically common to all companies. It is one of the key methods for successful business in the 21st century.

Street marketing

Most companies are reluctant to reach out to customers. Street marketing is a technique that consists of making physical contact with potential customers. Indeed, the street is also an effective way to advertise with a small budget. The company can organize local sales campaigns to allow people to be informed about its activity. For example, the company can invite artists to make attractive paintings that will reflect the company’s activity, with 1 QR Code that will send them to the company’s website.

The multiplication of partnerships

Webmarketing technology is an effective way to establish partnerships with third party companies. You can publish articles from third-party websites that have high traffic. You can involve your company in trade shows and other events for good visibility. Also, it is better to go to structures with which you have common interests. These are called win-win partnerships.

Doing events

Festive events and other events (seminars, trade shows, networking meetings, etc.) are an opportunity for the company to prospect and attract new customers. It is a godsend for the company to build a strong network that will bring it added value. Choose the design of reels and advertising totems to personalize with messages to reach a specific category of customers. With Webmarketing, you can mark your presence on the websites of these events. For example, you have the opportunity to develop fun activities and take the opportunity to convey the message.

Creating discussion spaces: the blog

On your company’s website, it is important to create a blogger space. The blog is now well known. It remains a space that brings added value to the human dimension of the website. Properly referencing the content of your blog is a solution to make you appear in the best positions in search engine results. This space allows you to increase traffic to your company’s website.

Be creative in advertising communication

In order to interest as many Internet users as possible, it is important to create original or humorous events. This is the case, for example, of contests or other videos that, when broadcast on social networks, can create a buzz for your company. This technique is a very good option to make yourself more visible at a lower cost. Also, on YouTube, you can make a video that answers an important question that most Internet users ask themselves.

Building customer loyalty

One thing we don’t often see is the client himself. Indeed, a satisfied and loyal customer remains a better salesperson and advertises your company better. He has enough information to convince anyone. Building their loyalty makes them exclusive representatives of your company. You have the opportunity to collect their testimonials on your company’s website blog or to offer your products or services to friends and family.

The development of a company can only be achieved through communication. Advertising is one of the means of communication by which the company reaches its customers’ hearts.